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12/1/23 NOTICEDue to the weather conditions, Blue Zone will open at 10AM today.

(505) 753-6755
Hours of Operation:
8AM - 3PM (Monday-Friday)
Closed on weekends.
Call ahead for faster service!

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Protein Smoothies

Organic fruit blended with our signature Love & Peas protein. 16 oz.

Also available in kid size (12 oz.)

deduct $1.50 for 12 oz.

Mixed Berry w/Flax Seed


Pineapple w/Chia Seed


Banana Almond


          add raw cacao .50

Spicy Mango Banana


Strawberry Banana


Pineapple Banana


Overnight Oats

Just the right amount of cinnamon,

flax seed, and Love & Peas protein. 

Topped with banana, berries,

walnuts & cacao nibs.



Our organic salads are made fresh daily and served with a side of our flavorful homemade lemon & garlic tahini dressing.

Add Ons:

75¢ for extra dressing

75¢ for Protein Powerhouse Sprouts (NEW!)

(garbanzo, mung, adsuki and pea); fresh, local, organic, non-GMO grown at Khalsa Farms.

The Loaded Bowl

(Most Popular!)

Spring mix greens topped with a variety of colorful veggies, avocado, pumpkin seeds, cranberries & our signature homemade tofu croutons. 

 $11.5 (32 oz.)

$  9.5 (24 oz.)

The Southwest Bowl

Spring mix greens topped with tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, avocado, quinoa, black beans, jalapeño, chili flakes & sunflower seeds.


Power Greens

Mixed power greens topped with with a variety

of organic veggies, avocado, tofu,

organic apple, walnuts & cranberries.


Quinoa Slaw Salad

Chopped cabbage, carrots, broccoli, red onion, apple and tomato tossed with quinoa. Topped with guacamole, walnuts and cranberries. Served with a side of our homemade dressing.

Add Tofu: $2


Cilantro Lime Protein Bowl


Choose our sweet & spicy or original turmeric tofu, tossed with quinoa, carrots, red onionjalapeño, and tomato. Topped with avocado, chili flakes,  fresh cilantro, lime and pistachio nuts. Chances of becoming addicted to this bowl is highly likely!


Garden Salad

Spring mix topped with a rainbow of veggies, avocado, pumpkin seeds & cranberries.

Served with a side a dressing.


Lettuce Wraps

Sweet & Spicy or Turmeric Tofu

Three lettuce wraps filled with quinoa, carrot,

red onion, tofu and our homemade tahini dressing.




Classic Avocado

Ezekiel Sprouted Grain bread topped with cherry tomatoes, red onion, jalapeños, red chili flakes & hemp seed. A favorite among our blue-zoners!

$10  (full)

$ 6 (half) 

Seeded Hummus

Ezekiel Sprouted Grain bread topped with red onion, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds &

red chili flakes.

$10  (full)

$ 6 (half) 

Sweet Cinnamon

Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin bread topped with almond butter, banana, fresh berries & chia seeds.

$10  (full) 

$ 6 (half) 


Our delicious soups are made with fresh & healthy

ingredients. Served from 10:30 AM.

May not be available every day

during summer months.

Bowl $8.5 (16 oz.)     Cup $6.5  (12 oz.)


16 oz. refreshing blends created with our Nature's Sunshine Solstic product line.


Nature's Harvest

Organic power greens, organic apple & lemon with our Nature's Harvest whole foods blend.


Power Beets


Boost nitric oxide, enhance blood flow for exercise, energy, heart health, brain power 

& more! This nutrient-dense patented formula includes B vitamins and Vitamin C to support energy production, stamina, focus and blood vessel health. Infused with organic lime juice.


Power Greens


We get it—there are a TON of greens out there—but nothing like this! Power Greens is the only blend packed with 2 full servings of vegetables, 200+ plant-based nutrients, prebiotic fiber, enzymes, adaptogens, nootropics and immune-boosting herbs. And... it tastes delicious!​


Get Fresh

Our minty green Chlorophyll drink strengthens the digestive system and supports cellular health. Infused with Ionic Minerals, lemon & sea salt


Energize & Go

A low calorie, sugar-free energy drink with guarana, green tea & B-vitamins. This great-tasting is flavored with natural lemon, mandarin orange and pineapple.


Revive & Thrive

Contains 500 mg glucosamine to help support joint & cartilage health and electrolytes & amino acids to facilitate muscle repair and increase endurance.


Be Well

A delicious blend of immune-boosting ingredients including vitamins C & D, zinc, elderberry & echinacea. Infused with lemon and wild blueberries.



Organic superfoods in a frothy organic almond milk lightly sweetened with raw agave & topped with cinnamon spice.

Served hot or iced.


$5.5 (12 oz.)

$  7 (16 oz.)


$5.5 (12 oz.)

$   7 (16 oz.)


$6 (12 oz.)

$7.5 (16 oz.)

New Mexico Green Chili "Xocolatl"

$6 (12 oz.)

$7.5 (16 oz.)

An intense and super flavorful chocolate drink blended with organic cacao, New Mexico green chili, cayenne pepper, vanilla & cinnamon in a frothy organic almond milk.

Sweet Thing

Blind Dates

A decadent date filled with almond butter, fresh raspberry, cacao & sea salt. You'll want a second date for sure!

$2.75 each or 2/$5

Love & Peas Protein Bars

Made fresh in-house, our oat-based "Seeded Almond" protein bars are delicious and satisfying.

$3.25 each or 2/$6

Food Allergy Notice:  BLUE ZONE uses ingredients in our menu items known to be allergens to some people.  Please notify us upon ordering if you have any food allergies.  Thank you!  

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